The Retreat House

Jasmine Garden Oasis Retreat House is here
when your heart pulls you towards quiet and reflection.

The retreat house is located in a surprisingly quiet block in Santa Cruz, about three blocks from Corcoran Beach.  It is an island of serenity for those wishing to escape the hubbub of life or the frantic pace of modern life.



We offer two separate guest studios on the second floor for individual, couple, or family retreats. In addition the Ginger Room for Pilgrims is a small bedroom in our first floor home that we make available for work/study arrangements during part of the year.


We practice sustainable living inside the house with detailed recycling, energy-efficient and timed appliances, fragrance-free products, bio-friendly cleaning supplies, and daylight living. Outside we use solar panels on our roof, grey water and timed drip system for our gardens, and pesticide-free planting.

For people who are EMF sensitive, the entire first floor and gardens is EMF free, with option of turning your upstairs studio into an EMF-free environment for a minimal service fee. This includes ethernet connections (with adapters) and available landline, as well as option to turn electric breakers off nightly or all day.