Retreats & Classes

Individual, couple, and family personal retreats

Individual, couple, and family personal retreats are available anytime.

Corcoran Beach Sunset (landscape)


Scheduled  retreats

Scheduled retreats can be arranged upon request.




Pilgrims at Reduced Price

Please contact us at


Silent Retreats

Silent retreats are available any time for any one. We welcome you in our retreat house and encourage you to take contemplative time to yourself, unburdened by any need to converse with us or other guests. We will give you a lanyard with a “Silent Blessing” to notify others in the house to respect your silent retreat here.


Retreats are food for the soul

QiGong and Tai Chi Classes

every morning at 7:00am

3:00pm Mondays

Zazen Meditation Instruction

weekday mornings at 7:30am

Individual session upon request