Scheduled Retreats


Spiritual Emergence: Integration and Balance 

March 14 & 15, 2020

followed by optional days, Mon – Fri, 16-20 

sliding scale and work-study available for the Spiritual Emergence retreat

Corcoran Beach Sunset (profile)

This retreat addresses the challenges and rewards of integrating intense spiritual openings. These types of experiences can take months to years to fully integrate. Common types of these psychic openings (sometimes referred to as spiritual emergencies) are near-death experiences, kundalini awakenings, shamanic initiations, psycho-spiritual psychotic crisis, mystical conversion experiences, etc.

Weekend retreat activities consist of times of sharing helpful suggestions for grounding and centering, group contemplation interwoven with spiritual practice, suggested journaling, and group sharing. Activities at the ocean shore and in the garden are punctuated with free time to follow your heart and respond to inner inclination within the spacious rhythm of the retreat. Weekend retreat is limited to 10 people. Participants are invited to stay for the following 5 days to further deepen their retreat experience.

Cost of retreat with organic meals

  • Weekend retreat (with 5 meals): $115 per person
  • Saturday only (with 3 meals): $85 per person
  • Weekdays following (5 days, breakfast, lunch & dinner): $275 per person
  • Weekdays following (5 days, breakfast or lunch only): $115 per person

Week of lodging at Jasmine Garden Retreat House

  • Single (shared studio) $380
  • Single (private studio) $680
  • Couple $780
  • Family $880

Cost of spiritual direction/practice instruction–donation

Note: Priority for lodging at the Jasmine Garden Oasis Retreat House is given to guests who reserve their room for the whole week.  Additional lodging is available within walking distance for the weekend events. We can send you a list of nearby lodging choices. Additional eateries are within walking distance for retreatants staying the full week.